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So.... who usually pays for staging?

This may be the most common question that we are asked and the answer is simple.... it's complicated!

But seriously... Let's start by breaking down the process. Everything starts with a property preview or staging consultation. If the property is vacant, with our firm, this appointment is free of charge.

Owner occupied consultations however, will run between $199-299 depending on the square footage of the property. These appointments are much more extensive and include a detailed plan of action for homeowners to follow.

99.9% of the time the real estate agent covers the cost of the occupied staging consultation.

Next up is the staging rental and installation, this is where is gets a bit complicated folks.

Here are the most common scenarios we see:

  1. Homeowner covers ALL costs above the initial consultation. This is most common in owner occupied homes and lower price points.

  2. Agent offers a set $$ amount either upfront or reimbursed upon closing. Many agents we work with set a budget usually ranging between $500-1,500 (depending on the properties list price).

  3. Homeowner and Client split the costs 50/50.

  4. Agent covers ALL staging costs. This is most common in the luxury markets. Many of our agent partners have revealed to us that they include this as part of their services at a 7% commision.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

Every situation is unique however our goal is always the same... Help maximize the potential of a property and get it sold for top dollar!


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