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Staging Stats


Did you know that 91% of potential buyers say that staging changes their perception of the home they are viewing?

This can work in either direction. A poorly presented property will be less desirable and subsequently worth less to a prospective buyer. A staged home will present favorable to buyers resulting in more offers and higher offers!

Not SOLD on staging yet

How about this one. 85% of staged homes sold for 5% to 23% over list price!

Wait what!!!

Just think about that, If you, or the seller, takes the time to invest in staging prior to listing, it can pay off big time!

Did you know in the state of Michigan our client only spend on average around 1% or less of list price. And they can expect to net 5-23% of list price more?

Talk about a return!

Featured Listing

996 Orange St, Wyandotte, MI 48192

This is an example of our Basic Bronze Level Staging Package. It applies to homes under 1,000 sq ft and under $175,000. But let's be clear... there is nothing BASIC about this stage!

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