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Standard timeframe for staging?

Our standard contract is for 60 days. The window of time starts from the date of staging. Meaning if we stage your property on June 15th, you have until August 15th for our items to remain in the property.

It's very likely you won't even need the full 60 days, Which is why we offer a 30-day staging period. While you likely won't need the full amount of time because staging is proven to work.

After the initial 60 days are up you do have the option to renew the rental for an additional 30 days until your property is sold.

Give us a call today to experience how beneficial staging can be to get your property off the market!

When It comes to design services, We got you covered! We offer color and design consultations. Our design consultations are where we help curate a design plan for your home. Design consultations are $299. We also have color consultations, where we help select paint colors that will make your homes shine. Color consultations are $199. Make that step today towards designing a beautiful home!

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